San Jacinto Backpacking Trip


Troop 2379:   Spring Break is fast approaching.  So here is an update and request for feedback for the upcoming backpack trip.

Mr Garbaccio needs to know how many will be going.  Scouts....Adult Leaders....Drivers.

We will be going to Mount San Jacinto (10,834 feet), the second highest peak in Southern California.   This will be a much easier trip than Mount San Gorgonio.  The backpack part will be similar to Chantry Flats or Little Jimmy.  Higher elevation though.  The hike to the peak will be slightly easier than Mount Baden Powell.  


Friday: meet at the lodge, prepared for the trip with 10+ essentials, packed backpack, food, proper clothing.  Troop gear should already have been prepared. Time: 8:00.
Drive to Palm Springs Tramway, approximately 3 hours from Santa Clarita.  Take the tram up, Tickets $ 17 for 12 and under  $ 24 for over 12.  
Hike approximately 2.5 miles, camp.

Saturday: Hike 4 miles with 1,800 feet of elevation gain to the peak and return to camp (8 miles total).  

Sunday:  Hike back to the tram, return to the cars and drive home.   Return mid-afternoon.  Depends on how early we can get the Scouts up, fed, packed and moving.

Troop Gear

Patrol Method  -- Scouts will share tents, cooking and cleaning.

Tents:      Quartermaster:  How many useable tents do we have?   

Stoves  how many  we need depends on the  number of Scouts going

Water filters ,  YES, there is a spring for water.

Bear Cans, or hang food.  This is a designated State Wilderness Area.  We can not leave food out at night as was done on the last trip.

Personal Gear

10+ Essentials
Warm sleeping bag and clothes
Waterproofed boots,  there were some wet feet on the last trip.  There will probably be some snow on the trail.  

Backpack.  Take care of this before meeting at the lodge.  The pack should fit and be in good condition.  If you are borrowing a pack from the Troop, don't just assume that it will work.  Check it out with a Senior Scout or adult leader.  Be sure it fits and that the straps and bag are in good condition.

Food.  Again---Patrol Method.  The patrols should take care of this at one of the next two meetings.
2 trail lunches, 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts.  We will be carrying all of this, plan accordingly.  Saturday breakfast will be a minimal cook event.  Water boiled for hot drinks or oatmeal.  This will allow us to get on the trail before noon.

I am sure that there is additional information to be provided.  More posts will follow.  Discussion and planning at the next 2 meetings.

Mr. Bruce Garbaccio
ASM Troop 2379