In 1910, Robert Baden-Powell created the Boy Scout program on not only the basis of camping and outdoor skills, but to develop outstanding young men, devoted to their country and community. Our Goal is preserve his original meaning of Scouting.

Our Goal

Even in modern society does the Boy Scouts of America fit into the daily grinds of life. More than 100 years later, the basics of the scouting program are still quite relevant to contemporary actions. Though modern times have undoubtedly changed the program, Troop 2379 believes in the basic elements from so long ago when Baden-Powell created the international scouting program; that a Troop should be boy run, the responsibilities delegated to the scouts, by the scouts, with the adults in the back to provide the checkbook and keep us safe.

When you want a thing done, ‘Don’t do it yourself’ is a good motto for Scoutmasters.
— R. Baden-Powell

What We've Achieved

  • Besides the awards given to us by Summer Camps and Camporee for spirit and leadership, this category of what we've achieved categorizes differently.
  • Boy Run: We believe we have succeeded in crossing the barrier between Adult run, and Adult guided. 
  • Order of the Arrow: We currently have a strong presence in Scouting's National Honor Society; Eight Scouts, four of which occupy the six available leadership positions in the Serranos Chapter.
  • Trips: We can say that our Troop is neither a "Backpacking Troop", nor a "Car Camping Troop". The trips we go on range from both backpacking to car camping, along with biking to even rock climbing. The best part about being boy run is that we come up with the trips we go on.
  • Adult Supervision: Let's face it. Adults have to be there for us. Troop 2379 does not exclude our Assistant Scoutmasters, but they serve a different purpose than most troops. They guide and advise our decisions with their skill to look farther ahead, but stay far enough  away to let us do what we do.

See our Service and Trips page for pictures of recent activities.

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